Now that’s Mystique.

Nothing against JLaw, but she’s at her best when she’s an ordinary girl in an extraordinary situation, not a weird snake-lady conning the world into a game the world doesn’t understand and can’t possibly play (but to be fair that’s the writer’s fault), which is the vibe I get from Natalie Dormer all the frigging time. And this right here is the most Mystique thing I can imagine.

I totally agree with you.

I feel like most of the X-Men ladies were either miscast, or the writers and directors didn’t do much towards giving them the proper storylines or notes. The latter being eminently believable as male industry creatives have never given too much of a shit about female characters and female character arcs.

Not to change the subject from your Mystique point, but, like, I had thought when XMFC came out that Rose Byrne did a bad job as Moira. But fortunately XMFC came out at around the same time as Bridesmaids and I realized I was totally wrong. I thought Rose Byrne did an amazing job in Bridesmaids—it’s really tough to hold your own as more or less the straight man in a broad comedy like Bridesmaids and she was really good and interesting as the foil in that movie. It made me realize that she had been given virtually nothing to work with in XMFC. They never committed to making her the badass cop or the love interest—Rose Byrne obviously didn’t know which one she was really playing—and then half of that was cut from the movie anyway.

I really think J-Law and Mystique suffered from much the same problem in XMFC. Giving Mystique an actual origin, and such a human, teenage archetype is a super bold move, but one that fundamentally changes the character. It literally takes away her mystique. 

And in DOFP we see the consequences of that. Delving too deep into her rationale and backstory, and giving her such an innocuous upbringing as being Charles Xavier’s loveable sister, changed the character of Mystique so much they had to make her a hero in DOFP.

A change that I genuinely liked, but one I like with the caveat of she’s essentially nothing like the Mystique of the comics, or the first three movies. Then again, I’m a huge softie and I love it when everybody becomes a good guy. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about villain Mystique that’s been lost because of the changes in XMFC and DOFP.

But you’re right, a Mystique that is faithful to the character would have been much better served by eternally smirking and mysterious Natalie Dormer.

Yeah. :( I don’t think I’ve seen many movies with Rose Byrne other than Troy, so I don’t have an opinion and I was mostly indifferent to Moira, who, like you say, was narratively half-cop half half-assed “no homo!” love interest, ultimately a mess.

Yes, exactly - it was a bold move, but extremely risky, and sadly didn’t quite pay off, even if XMFC, with all its faults, gave them a real shot at making it work in DOFP. Frigging hell, I loved Rebecca!Mystique, in all her smug evil superiority, and DOFP neutered her so badly, and that’s even before the cosmic retcon, I can’t even.

(I hear you, I want everyone to be a good guy)

Hell, even if they kept the movies exactly as they are and replaced JLaw with Natalie Dormer it would still be in improvement. JLaw is lovely, but Mystique’s really not.

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Rogue’s Rescue Sequence

A compilation of excerpts from the leaked early draft of the script, behind the scenes footage, and shots from the sequence which made it to some of the promotional materials. Not sure how the final thing is going to look, though. The specs for the Blu-ray of the theatrical cut does not list the sequence in its deleted scenes. It makes sense to save it up though since there’s an extended/alternate cut coming next year.

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